Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to work with your team?

Our firm is committed to building efficient and cost-effective solutions. Very few characteristics of your future financial results are certain, but cost is measurable. Cost is historically the biggest predictor of your future performance, acting as a hurdle that must be cleared to reach investment success. Our fee schedule is designed to decrease as your assets grow. We do not believe that when your assets have doubled, that we should be charging twice as much for the same account management. Listed below is our tiered asset management fee:

≤ $250,000 0.9%
$250,000 – $500,000 0.5%
$500,000 + 0.2%


For smaller balances, we are committed to using the most efficient account solution and monitoring opportunities as your assets grow.

Why should I work with a CFP® professional?

The Certified Financial Planner certification is the highest standard in personal financial planning. Less than 20 percent of financial advisors have achieved the standards and qualifications necessary to display the CFP® marks. When it comes to your hard-earned life savings, we believe that you should work with someone who has proven the highest competence and understanding of financial planning strategies. We are equipped to meet you where you are, whatever your financial literacy background may be.

What is an RICP®?

The Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation is achieved through The American College. The required coursework and continuing education focuses on how to create secure and sustainable income from various sources after a retiree’s working years.

Will you act as a fiduciary?

We believe that we should always act in the client’s best interest; frankly we don’t see any other way to serve our clients. We value and respect the responsibility our clients instill with us and are passionate about providing truly objective advice under the fiduciary standard of care. We strive to emphasize transparency and honesty in our partnership with our clients. It is encouraging to see the industry moving closer to the fiduciary model that we have always operated under. Our independent structure enables us the freedom to provide solely for our client’s needs.

Who is Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.?

We have chosen Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. to serve as our broker-dealer. Cambridge supports independent financial professionals and their clients. It is a privately controlled broker-dealer with $94 billion in assets under management and over 3,200 independent registered representatives1 serving hundreds of thousands of investing clients across the United States. Cambridge provides complete and comprehensive support with compliance, technology, advisory guidance, research, reporting, client account service, and back office assistance.

1As of December 31, 2017

Who is Pershing LLC?

Pershing LLC is a BNY Mellon company that works behind the scenes to help financial institutions, such as Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Pershing LLC serves as an asset custodian, facilitates trades, and handles various administrative functions relating to brokerage accounts. They help manage $1.7 trillion in global client assets and have spent almost 80 years making an impact on the industry.

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